How to care for Pampas - Making a pampas bouquet

Pampas and dried flowers have certainly been trending online for the last few years. They make stunning arrangement's but are very delicate as they are natural dried products.

  • Pampas products should last up to 3 years, even longer if a little care is given to them.
  • They do not require any watering and not to be put near water.
  • Should be kept away from direct heat and sunlight as can cause colour fading. 
  • Most pampas products have been dyed except for all white pampas products as these are bleached to achieve the white colour. These will change to a cream colour over time.

Pampas Care 🤍

Be gentle, Carefully take your wrapped pampas from the sleeve.

When you receive your pampas it may be compressed slightly due to packaging we suggest that you gently use a hairdryer on a warm setting to encourage the plumes to fluff up . This will take a few minutes to achieve this. They may shed slightly but have been prepped by us beforehand so this should be minimum. Then you can arrange your pampas in a vase of choice. Pampas will open up  more naturally an become fuller when sitting out in vase.


The Large Boho Pampas Bouquet is one of our best sellers and this is how we put it together.



This beautiful large Pampas bouquet is created with large natural and beige reed pampas, small white pampas grass, natural bunny tails, dried natural phalaris and a mix of natural flowers.

This stunning handmade neutral-toned arrangement is ideal as the finishing touch to any room.

As each bouquet is handcrafted it is unique, there may be slight differences to each order.

  • Large Pampas size 70cm tall

Here is the link to this gorgeous bouquet on our store.


We hope you love and enjoy your pampas products for many years to come 🤍


Love Amanda xx